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About Us

With a long history, but still a new and fresh company!

Industrial machinery equipment and automation facilities manufacturing.

Our company, as an industrial machinery equipment and automation facilities manufacturing company, has been recognize for quality and economic feasibility in precise electronic part assembly and semiconductor equipment parts processing with our know-now in processing technology since 1986.

Semiconductor equipment parts manufacturing

We take an important part in manufacturing not only small precise parts but also semiconductor equipment parts, which is the aggregation of technologies in physics, chemistry, machinery and space.

Continuous research and development

Joungwoo Nano-Tech always endeavor to contribute on the development of Korean machinery industry by continuous new technological development based on our high technical skills.

Best quality and thorough supervision.

Our top priority is managing the performance and quality of our products, and, with separate inspections, we supervise our system to keep the best condition.

Foundation June 1986
Representative Shin Kwang Sun
Address 78, Saneop-ro 156beon-gil, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
(Gosaek-Dong, Industry Unit 3, Block 24, Lot 2)
Employees 58 people
Main products Semiconductor/LCD equipment parts
Factory site Area 5,712㎡/Factory 3,636㎡/Office 1,653㎡ (including the 2nd and 3rd floors)
Joungwoo Nano-Tech 2nd factory installation (Feb 2006) Factory Area 3,306㎡ (two buildings)